The requirements for the BGS degree are as follows

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Online

The requirements for the Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) degree are as follows:

    I.    University Studies Requirements (General Education)

          51 hours - more information available in the University Studies Handbook


    II.    Major Requirements

The IDS major requires students to select 2, 3 or 4 areas of emphasis from an approved list of subjects.  Each area of emphasis has a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 30 hours.  All areas must total at least 48 hours and cannot exceed 69 hours.  Courses taken for specific University Studies requirements may not be counted within an Area of Emphasis. 

Approved Online Areas of Emphasis:

Area #1**
(choose one)
Area #2
(choose one)
Area #3
(if applicable)
Area #4
(if applicable)
Accounting Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Criminal Justice
Business Administration English Literature English Literature English Literature
Criminal Justice Economics Economics Economics
Economics History History History
English Literature Industrial Engineering & Technology Industrial Engineering & Technology Industrial Engineering & Technology
History Math Math Math
Industrial Engineering & Technology      

 **Students are limited to a maximum of 30 hours AND one area of emphasis from the Harrison College of Business

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    III.    General Requirements for Graduation 

    IV.    Other Requirements

Declaration information:

Students wishing to declare this major must submit a Plan of Study prior to the completion of 75 hours.  Plans of Study must be approved by a faculty advisor for each area, as well as the Dean of University Studies.  Questions about this process should be directed to the Academic Advisor for Southeast Online.  Students may not declare a minor with the IDS degree. 

For questions regarding the online Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree, please contact:

Chelsea Caile, Academic Advisor

Southeast Online

317 Kent Library


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