Southeast Online Checklist

(This checklist if for students completing an online-only degree. Visiting students taking an online course should follow the instructions here: and be sure and mention that you are a visiting student).

New or Returning Students

Current On-Campus Southeast Students

ALL Students

  • -If taking your first online course with Southeast:
    1. Contact Southeast Online to let them know that you have been admitted and are ready to get started. Email us at or 573-651-2766.

    2. Review the minimum or recommended system requirements.

    3. Watch  for an email from with instructions on how to access the online orientation.

    4. Follow the instructions in the orientation to request advising.

  • -Know how to access your course(s) and your Southeast email in the portal.
  • -Bookmark the following links in case of portal maintenance/inaccessibility:
    1. Alternate access for student email
    2. Alternate access for online courses
  • -Contact Textbook Rental to arrange for rental textbooks
  • -Check the Southeast Bookstore to see if any supplemental materials are required or to purchase textbooks.
  • -If you are a student with a disability, contact Disability Services:
    1. To complete the process for requesting assistance/accommodations.
    2. To notify them of your schedule if special textbooks/materials are needed.
  • -Prepare a tentative schedule (days and times) when you will work on your course every week to avoid falling behind.
  • -Mark your calendar for the starting date of your course, and login on that day for initial instructions. If you experience technical problems with your login, contact your instructor as soon as possible.