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Getting Started Checklist

At Least 2 Weeks Before Classes Start…

  • Enrolled in online courses (Because our classes fill so quickly you are encouraged to enroll the minute you are eligible through priority registration).
  • Activated my Southeast Key.

  • Accessed My Southeast Portal to see my schedule and class listings.

  • Have bookmarked to get the most up-to-date information about Southeast Online Programs, course listings, and much more.

  • Have completed the demonstration course at and am familiar with the online course format (Gradebook, Utest, Forum, etc.)

  • Know where to find and how to access my courses.

  • Know how to contact my instructors.

  • Meet the technical requirements for Southeast Online and specific requirements for my individual online classes.

  • Have contacted Learning Assistance Programs to complete the registration process if I am a student with a disability seeking academic accommodations (

  • Have ordered or requested my rental textbooks to be shipped.

  • Have determined the best time to work on my classes each day.

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