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Abide by the Student Code of Conduct

All online students are required to abide by the Southeast Missouri State University Student Code of Conduct.  You can find the complete code at you’ll find information on plagiarism, academic honesty, civil policies, and the student judicial affairs process.

 According to Stephen Wilhoit, author of "Helping Student Avoid Plagiarism," each of the following activities constitutes an instance of plagiarism:

  • Submitting a paper purchased from a research service or term paper mill.
  • Submitting another student's work with or without that student's knowledge.
  • Submitting a paper written by a peer. 
  • Copying a paper from a source text without proper acknowledgment. 
  • Copying materials from a source text, supplying proper documentation, but leaving out quotation marks. 
  • Paraphrasing or summarizing materials from a source without appropriate documentation. 
  • Turning in one paper for two or more different classes without the express permission of all the instructors involved.
  • Turning in a paper from a "free term paper" website.1

 1  College Teaching 42 (Fall 1994): 161-164.

Kent Library also provides useful resources including a Style Guide for Citing Your Sources at and an Online Tutorial for Citing Your Sources at


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