Bachelor of General Studies Online

University Studies

51 hours - more information available in the University Studies Handbook

Major Requirements

39 hours of upper level (300-500) credit from four-year institutions

General Requirements for Graduation

Residency - at least 30 hours must be taken at Southeast campuses (main, regional, satellite and/or online)

Current residency - 12 of the final 18 hours for your degree must be taken with Southeast

Grade Point Average at Southeast - 2.0 minimum required

Grade Point Average Cumulative - 2.0 minimum required

Writing Proficiency - WP003 with passing score required

Assessments - MAPP1 and MAPP2

Career Linkages - CL001, CL002, CL003, and CL004

Special note - students cannot apply more than 30 hours of business coursework to this degree

Other Requirements...

Total hours required - minimum 120 hours

Developmental courses, if required, must also be completed

General Studies majors are permitted to declare a minor. Please note that a minor constitutes a specific list of courses as listed in the University Bulletin, and minor choices may be limited due to the online availability of courses.

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For questions regarding the online Bachelor of General Studies degree, please contact:

Southeast Online
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